The Mystery of Missing Motivation

This week’s training was at once successful and frustrating. My short runs were great and surprisingly strong. Thursday I ran tempo again, and when I felt like I was slowing down, my Garmin told me I was going faster – while I did not feel like I was pushing too hard to maintain the pace.

Despite strong training during the week, I hit the dreaded wall while out for my 6-mile run in Audubon on Saturday. This was perplexing at the time, though hindsight has revealed a few things that could explain it.

  • Difficulty recovering from last weekend’s race and tough trail run.
  • Choosing too intense of a course for what should have been an easier run.
  • 94% humidity, no wind in the woods! Ick.

With that in mind, I am taking this week off from running so I can fully recover from two weekends of tough, failed runs. I realized it’s quite a blow to my psyche, and emotional/mental training is all part of this process, too. I’ll be back next Sunday with a post on motivation! Because that’s what I’ll be focusing on this week. I’ll still be going to the gym during the day, working on building and maintaining a solid core. My evenings, though, will be run free.


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