There’s that heat.

My week off from running was splendid, though it was anything but a vacation. Whenever there’s a void in my schedule, there always seems to be plenty waiting to take it’s place. Also, if I had looked at my training schedule, I would have seen that the week after I took off was actually a dramatic fall back week. So if I had just waited a week, my break would have been included in the actual training. Oh well. I took last week relatively easy leading up to Saturday’s 8-mile run. This coming week, the miles in my training start adding up more quickly, with 4+-mile interval runs and 5-mile tempo runs.

I got back into the running groove by previewing the course of the upcoming Evansville Half Marathon – which I will also be participating in during my taper week in October. It’s a nice, easy run, and a decent tour of this fair city. The Evansville Half’s 13.1 miles cover some nice areas of town, including almost the entire Greenway path. Additional features include some nice parks, running along Main Street in downtown, and running along the other Main street, which isn’t quite so pretty. But we have to get up to Garvin Park and get on the Greenway. North Main Street is a straight shot, but not a very scenic one. Another feature of this course is its near complete lack of hills. Where there are hills, they aren’t terribly noticeable. Flat and fast, as they say.

This past Saturday, the 8 miles I ran were super hot. Summer uncharacteristically eased its way into Evansville this year. We’re used to a typical summer of triple digit temperatures with ridiculous humidity draped over it. This summer has been different and very mild. That made this week’s mid-90s particularly painful. Saturday was the hottest we’ve seen yet, and of course, I was out running in it, looking for any bit of shade I could find. After finishing and stretching, I put as much fruit into my body as possible. Fruit is packed with water and nutrients and is great for recovery. I always feel freshest after having a big fruit smoothie and a ton of follow-up fruit and coconut water.

We also found time to get our bikes out on Sunday. It’s been far too long since I’ve been in the saddle, especially considering that there looms a 104-mile bike ride in a few weeks that I need to prepare for. I’ve been so focused on running, it has been hard to find the time to get meaningful miles in on the bike. The twenty miles we did Sunday afternoon (another one of the hottest days this summer) were great. I’m looking forward to more this week and next weekend!

September will be a busy month. Next weekend I run 16 miles (maybe a trail run?) the following is the Rugged Red, next is Hub City (104 miles in the saddle), and finally Pedalin’ 4 Pups, a potential metric century bike ride in nearby New Harmony. Before I know it, it will be October and I’ll be running a marathon.

If I’m honest, I’m nervous. My first marathon hurt a lot, and that freaks me out. But more than nervous or even scared, I’m determined. Determined to work hard and get it done.


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