The mix of terror and excitement upon signing up for your first ultra-marathon #runnersgrumblr
– Via The Runners Grumblr

I have registered for my first ultramarathon and the countdown has begun, though training doesn’t officially start until December 22. The registration for Gnaw Bone was somewhat terrifying. But that didn’t stop me from registering anyway. I clicked a box that said I could die and they don’t have insurance to cover me. “Do you want insurance? Well, if you insist…but we’ll cancel the event.”

Then I looked at the elevation profile for the 50k ultramarathon. And I said, “I’m gonna have to work really hard for this one.”

At least it looks like mint chocolate ice cream.
At least it looks like mint chocolate ice cream.

Training for my marathon was not easy either, but preparing my body and mind to run an additional five miles on trails with such a daunting elevation profile is going to be, shall we say, more harder.

More harder indeed.
More harder indeed.

I have already started working more harder. It’s a delicate balance, though, this training thing. It’s remarkably easy to over-train and burn out on doing any of this stuff. This would result in me sitting on my sofa eating Sriracha Chex Mix (which is so good).

So, I’m tapering back up to what is going to be some ambitious training. I’ll admit, I’m tapering more slowly than I should, and I have plenty of excuses to support that kind of action – and I hope you’ll join me in discounting those excuses entirely.

Hitting the Road, Trail, Mat, Foam Roller, Pull-Up Bar, etc.
Training for the ultra is going to be diverse, just like any training plan should be. My training plan from Rock Creek Runner includes fartleks, strides, tempo runs, and cycling, among other things. I’ll put more specific details regarding the different techniques in the Training Details page soon. The highlight of the plan is, of course, the high mileage long runs. Currently, the longest long run is 23 miles a few weeks before the 50k.

Another aspect of this plan that’s a little bit different is that there will be long runs followed the next day by semi-long runs. The purpose being that I need to get used to running on tired, sore legs.

Me in 22 weeks.
Me in 22 weeks.

When I had my Skype conversation with Doug Hay from Rock Creek Runner (I promise from now on, I’ll just say Doug) about the training plan he made for me, he asked, “So, how do you feel about it? Happy? Scared?”

My answer was, of course, “Both!” I’m scared of that distance and of slacking off. Slacking off is a snowball that turns into an avalanche really quickly.

Everything else, though, makes me really happy.


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