Bound(ed) the Mound

Bound the Mound was certainly an adventure! The race director was working hard all day the day before the race to make sure every racer was safe and informed. The course was changed a little to avoid some of the more hazardous conditions, but there was still plenty of ice, mud, water, and snow to keep it interesting. One of the final e-mails he sent the night before said, “Make no mistake, trail conditions are quite challenging and the footing is as tough as I have ever experienced.”

He also gave us all a sense of as of yet unearned pride by closing with “…once you complete your distance, you can rest assured you will have accomplished one of the most difficult trail races ever held in the area!”

Well, let’s go run, shall we?

Running trails on their own can be pretty difficult. The terrain is a lot less predictable when it hasn’t been paved. Throw a layer of snow and ice on top of those trails, and the variety never ends!

The day after running in all that snow and ice, I ran 11.5 miles on thankfully clear roads, which helped to make up for the clunky trails having their way with my stride on Saturday.

I’ve been a lazy runner.

All that snow is now gone. A few days of above-freezing temps and a steady drizzle have melted all but the biggest piles. I’m hoping we can say good bye to old man winter and his finicky whims. This week is promising sun and 60 degrees, so you’ll hear no complaining from me.

I feel like I’ve been slacking off these last few weeks. Of course I can always pull the “but the weather has been bad!” excuse out if I start to feel bad about it, but I know that weather was just an enabler. I haven’t been giving it my all, and I’m quite aware of it.

My mantra of “You have what it takes, but it’s going to take all you have” has been more of an accusation of my lazy approach to training than an encouragement to push through uncomfortable things. This is because I haven’t really been doing anything uncomfortable.

So I’m going to be stepping up my efforts at the gym, run harder on the flats, and keep on my quest for finding hills for my daily runs – or at least one of the daily runs. Perhaps the more clement season will bring about new enthusiasm for these things (I hope so!) – but just as I can’t lean on poor weather to excuse my lazy behaviors, I cannot expect the good weather to motivate me to work harder. I need to dig deep and find the strength inside that I know is there.

I have 8 weeks left in my training before I run at Gnaw Bone. I know it’s going to test me mentally and physically, and I need to step up my efforts to meet that challenge head on. Leave it all at the gym, on the roads, and in the woods. I gotta earn my rest days!


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