This year is not done yet!

I’m in between training schedules right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not running – cuz I am! With a little more freedom, though. When I’m on a schedule, I really don’t like to have to skip runs at all. Run first, errands, chores, etc., second. So from now until July 27, I have a more relaxed schedule. Though, on July 27, I’ll start training for the Bell Ringer 50k, which will take place on December 12 (more about this below!) – so in the meantime I need to keep running and working hard. Here are my upcoming races!

Rugged Red (September)

Not much needs to be said about this because I’ve already said it. But this year, Ashley is joining me! We’re already working hard to be as rugged as we are red when we hit those trails.

We recently camped in the Red River Gorge (host to the Rugged Red). I’ll post about it later! We had a great weekend. It was a good taste of what the RR has in store for us.

Indian/Celina Lake Challenge (October)

My first and second full marathon were both in October in St. Louis, but the marathon distance was cancelled for this year – leaving me stranded and searching for a fall marathon. I love trying new and different things, though, so it’s okay that I had to look elsewhere this year. While I was looking for one that sounded interesting, a friend sent me a link to the Indian/Celina Lake Challenge, which I’ve known about and always wanted to do. It used to be held in June, though. Once, I was hiking the trails on the course while they were doing the race. Seeing everyone running looked like so much fun, and I even tried it a little myself. I didn’t get very far. This October, I’ll go 26 miles on them trails. This race also has the great benefit of being close to home. I’m quite familiar with the trails (I ran my 16-mile training run out there a few months ago), and will be able to train on them leading up to the race.

Bell Ringer 50k

With the success of my first 50k at Gnaw Bone behind me, I have been looking for another ultra that I can do before the year is out. I was so excited to find the Bell Ringer 50k at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee! It’s only three hours away, so it’s close (though somehow two states away…I live in a wormhole), and it’s a pretty gentle course as far as they go. I’m using a different training plan (still from Rock Creek Runner, though), and will work on building strength and speed over the longer distances (hello, heart rate monitor!). So I’ll be mixing it up a bit as I go through the training for Bell Ringer.

When looking at races, distance is only part of the equation. Elevation gain is a huge part of what I need to train for. Here are the total elevation gains for these three upcoming races.

Rugged Red: 4,091′
Indian/Celina: 5,548′
Bell Ringer 50k: 2,314′

So, while Bell Ringer will be the furthest distance, I think Indian/Celina may prove to be the biggest challenge – at least from an elevation gain point of view.

So that’s what I have been working toward lately. I’m looking forward to getting back into a good routine with running. I’ve managed to stay pretty consistent at the gym, but not quite as consistent with running. Some people can do their training without any races, but I find having shorter races interspersed really helps me stay motivated and working hard toward the longer races. Plus, when I can get a T-shirt and a medal for a training run, that’s just added value!


4 thoughts on “This year is not done yet!

  1. Erica Z June 18, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    Aw, I’m sad you won’t be coming to STL for the Rock n Roll this year! It’s always fun having timing with you guys.

    • A Carter June 19, 2015 / 8:13 am

      I’m sad too! But it just means that when we visit, we won’t be exhausted from running.

  2. Kristen June 21, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    Catching up on my blog reading from this past week…sounds like a good slate of races on the horizon. Eric may be joining you for the Indian/Celina Challenge half!

    • A Carter June 21, 2015 / 1:05 pm

      Great! I was hoping he would, and have been meaning to ask. It should be a good one!

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