Goals check in.

Right after I ran a marathon last October, I set a few goals for myself. It doesn’t count to set goals if you don’t review and assess, right? Well, I’m going to get all vulnerable and review.

I set three goals:
1. Lose 20 pounds.
2. Run a 20-minute 5k.
3. Go vegan.

I didn’t really say what my deadline was for achieving these goals, but I’ve always planned on having them all checked off by the end of the year.

Here’s how I’m doing:

1. Lose 20 pounds.
When I set this goal, I weighed 207 pounds. I had stopped running and working out regularly following my October marathon and gained some weight. This wasn’t a surprise. There’s a lot of fluctuation of weight anyway, but especially when coming off an intense training period. I hadn’t weighed over 200 since I dropped below it two years ago, so I was really interested in getting rid of that extra luggage.

Have I lost 20 pounds? Not yet! It’s difficult, and probably not safe, to try to lose weight while training for an ultra, so this goal was not a priority. That being said, getting back into consistent training (and running four 100+-mile months) did burn away some fat. As of today, I’ve lost 13 pounds from that top 207 weight. I’m getting close! Currently I plan to have lost at least that initial 20 pounds (weigh 187) by the time I start training again in late July.

Status: Underway

2. Run a 20-minute 5k.
I set my current 5k PR in 2013 at 24:36 (7:55 pace). I need to cut 4:36 off my 5k race to reach my goal. Since I set that PR, I didn’t come near it again until a few weeks ago when I ran the Laufenfest 5k in Haubstadt. I managed to pull out a 25:07 race (8:06 pace). I was pretty pleased with this, since it’s the closest I’ve come to my PR in two years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my Garmin turned on to track my run, so I don’t know what my splits are. This information would be really helpful to see where I might have slowed down slightly and where I could open up to try to cut some time. Oh well. Next time!

I also have not been training for speed. The ultra training I just went through was not focused on speed, but on distance. To me that makes my 25:07 race really encouraging. If I do some speed training, I hope to be able to nail that 20-minute 5k by the end of the year. It’s an aggressive goal, to be sure. But I’ve never been one to set easily obtainable goals.

Status: Underway

3. Go vegan.
Ah, sweet success! Going vegan has not been nearly as difficult as I thought. Really there were only a few things that we needed to change in order to make this happen. Namely, no eggs, no cheese, different mayo, and a few things like that. It really hasn’t been that difficult. Most days, I’m not hungry all the time. On the flip side, there are days, and there always have been days, when I can’t stop eating. Those are always interesting days when I just grab a tortilla, put whatever I can find in it, throw some Frank’s RedHot sauce on there, and get busy. While not very glamorous, peanut butter, banana, Frank’s, and a tortilla sometimes is just really the best thing in the world.

Status: Super duper did.


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