Dampened plans, Pt. 2

So it’s been raining a lot here. Oddly enough, even though we’ve been under near-constant “good chance of rain,” I haven’t had to run in the rain even once. But it always seems to be raining. Basically it rains either all day or all night, but for the hour I run after work, the rain ceases.

Were I an impassioned road runner, this would not be an issue. Greatest summer ever! I am, however, an impassioned trail runner – making the constant, but oddly elusive, rain quite irritating. The trails are soaked! We went out to Hoosier National Forest for a 9-mile run this weekend, but were met with trails that resembled little streams and puddles rather than the beautiful trails I long for. Probably 90% of our path had standing water. It wasn’t long before we shifted gears and decided not to try and run, but rather to hike. I was grumpy about it, but we ended up having a great hike nonetheless. It was beautiful out there. The woods are always beautiful. I guess it’s just another example of the many variables that come into play when trail running.

There were also loads of spiders on the trail. They love to spin their webs across the trail to capture the bugs and people that come along. I discussed spiders once before, including my method for combating them when trying to run: I carry a long stick extended in front of me to take out the webs before they get to my face. It’s not a perfect or glamorous solution, but it works most of the time. My stick had six or seven spidery passengers at one point. They stayed on one end, I stayed on the other. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the monstrosity, but trust me – it was beautiful and naturey.

I did a Bing search (yeah, I use Bing. Hush.) for the two most common spiders we encountered in case you want to see them. I won’t post the pictures because, as I understand it, some people are bothered by spiders.

Spined Micrathena (they look mean, but they’re just kinda pokey. Also they’re little.)

Marbled Orb Weaver (maybe?)


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